be careful not to offend your wedding guests
Its a cute idea for sure

Brides testify that arranging tables without offending anyone is the most difficult part of planning their wedding.

Who can sit next to whom without their nose getting out of joint? What history – pleasant of otherwise – has transpired over the years between these guys?

Deciding table numbers is a dreadfully delicate task fraught with danger. The pecking order of numbering each table is old-fashioned, boring and risks offending guests seated at the very last table tucked away in the corner.

Thankfully there is a neat solution suggested by many modern wedding MCs who act as free wedding planners for their clients.


You can easily reduce this potential hazard by using table names rather than the dreaded table B.

Creating table names is an opportunity to personalise the event theme and have some fun based the leisure activities of the couple.

The guests who know the bride and groom are always at the slopes will enjoy their table named after famous ski resorts like St Moritz, Whistler and Snowbird.  Wine lovers will chat noisily about table names like Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Bon appétit.

You can imagine what fun a creative MC will have when the bridal couple celebrates their love affair with table names like Love, Romance, Commitment, Passion, Devotion, Life, Everlasting, Fate, Happiness, Destiny, Cherish, Forever, Eternity, Honour, Friendship.

This tip is taken from the eBook called CRITICAL ADVICE TO THE BRIDE AND GROOM THAT NO-ONE TELLS YOU … until its too late. This is part of free wedding planning tools given to all clients who book their wedding MC via the MC Directory.


  • Darrius Serrant, 11 Nov, 2018

    Great post, Pete! Only real MCs understand this inside information.

  • jean Affend, 7 May, 2018

    certainly this will help that horrible and belittling feeling that the last wedding reception table has to go through. solid advice.

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