Italian MCs

A list of MCs who speak Italian

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MC Alfio

Event Type: Wedding

MC Fee: AUD $1,200.00 incl 0% GST

Language: English, Italian

Location: Australia, Sydney

MC Style: Dynamic, energetic, engaging

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Alfio stands as a paragon of energy and engagement in the wedding industry, gracing the role of Master of Ceremonies with over 15 years of refined expertise.
Envision Alfio not merely as your Master of Ceremonies, but as an integral wedding organiser, seamlessly weaving the threads of your special day into a tapestry of unforgettable memories.
With a personal touch that is deeply rooted in his Italian heritage, Alfio cherishes the values of family and unity, infusing these principles into his ap...

MC Elvis

Event Type: Wedding

MC Fee: AUD $0.00 incl 0% GST

Language: English, Croatian, Italian, Macedonian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek

Location: Australia, Sydney

MC Style: Fun, Commands the Audience

Full Details

Elvis is well-known as being the MC you want to book if experience and profile are important to you both.

Also, despite his famous name-sake, Elvis is a man who loves to be organised and he is one of those MCs who is super-prepared.
He is the Master of Ceremonies of choice and is held in high regard amongst the wedding industry in Australia.
Using his experience and knowledge of many cultures, Elvis’ passion for his art will guarantee an entertaining and stress-free reception.
Using the ...