Your wedding is the biggest, most elaborate party you’re ever going to host. You want to have the time of your life and can’t wait to get started on your wedding planning journey. Time to call a Wedding Planner, right? Well, maybe not. With decent full planning services costing a small fortune, few couples can afford a wedding planner.

use your wedding mc as your ideas person
The MC is the brides secret success partner

Some charge a flat rate, others ask for 10 to 20 percent of your overall wedding bill. With the average American wedding costing USD$15,504 to $76,687, and even the median American wedding still costing $8,440 to $55,104, you’re looking at anywhere from $1,266 to $11,500 or more. It’s a similar story in the UK, Australia, and many European and Asian countries.

Meanwhile, a one-bedroom pool villa upgrade at this luxury Koh Samui Beach Resort costs $580 for the week. They’re what honeymoon dreams are made of.

I’ll let you into a secret, bride-to-be. Unless you need someone taking care of every last detail, you probably don’t need a Wedding Planner. But you do need an expert because doing it alone is overwhelming. It’s easy to make costly mistakes when you’ve never organised such a large, meaningful event before.

You need an Event Host*.

An Event Host is a Wedding Planner and Master of Ceremonies in one, and they’re significantly more cost-effective than an expensive Wedding Planner. They’re perfect for the couple who doesn’t want to relinquish control, but still wants expert guidance and a dedicated go-to person on the day itself. If you can’t afford a Wedding Planner – or even if you can – your MC is an excellent alternative.

Just like Wedding Planners, Event Host MCs work with their clients to ensure their wedding day visions come to life.

Full-service Wedding Planners get intensely involved in the months leading up to a wedding. Wedding planners meet with you very often, visit suppliers for you or with you, make certain decisions on your behalf, and generally do everything they can for you.

Some couples love that level of help, but some couples hate it… it can feel a little cloying. Creative couples, DIY brides, and those who don’t want their hand held every step of the way usually get on a lot better with an Event Host MC.

Event Hosts will be there to help you plan from the moment you hire them.

They’ll listen to your ideas, help refine your vision, offer unbiased opinions, create a detailed schedule aka run sheet, and give experienced advice. They’re wedding industry insiders who’ll freely share their long list of contacts. This carefully curated list of trusted suppliers and venues is pure gold.

They know who’s got the best eye for creative floral design, which DJs will keep the party going all night, where to find a top cinematic photographer, and who hires out wedding yurts at the best possible price. A good Event Host will save you a lot of money.

On the day they make the whole event run smoothly.

They’ll ensure the venue set up is exactly as you want it, coordinate everyone’s movements, keep everything running to time, entertain your guests, and introduce the toasts and speeches. They constantly cast their eye over every aspect of your reception and keep their finger firmly on the pulse of the event. They take care of the things no-one else knows how to do, too, like gathering everyone around for the cake cutting and cueing the staff for the cocktail hour.

Event Hosts are at a different wedding every weekend. Trust me when I say they’ve seen it all. Traditional sit-down affairs, glamorous city dos, Irish knees-up parties, festival-weddings in fields – all sorts. They know exactly how to smooth over the unexpected and make your wedding memorable for all the right reasons.

My advice? If money is no obstacle and you need someone to take care of everything for you, hire a Wedding Planner and an Event Host. If you can’t afford a Wedding Planner or want more control, Hire a wedding Event Host MC instead.

And a final tip: It’s easy to get lost in endless elaborate details when planning a Pinterest-perfect wedding, even with expert help. Whenever things feel overwhelming, take a step back and remember the real reason you’re getting married. You’ll do great.

Pete Miller, Event Host
from the MC Directory

* Event Host MCs were previously known as a Master of Ceremonies or the old fashioned term Master of Ceremony


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