Before it was only bride and grooms “in the know” who managed to book Elvis from Sydney Australia.

But now, everyone wants Elvis to MC their wedding reception as he is, quite simply, one of the best there is.

Passionate, Professional and Precise. Elvis is the Croatian bride and grooms first choice when it comes to choosing their MC.

MC Elvis is the busiest wedding Master of Ceremonies available in Australia. Observe the excellence and then hope that this super popular wedding MC is available.

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You will be meeting with your chosen MC for a personal consultation in order to tailor-make your unique and memorable occasion.

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Hi my name is Elvis and I am your multilingual Master of Ceremonies from the MC Directory. Thank You for taking the time to consider me as your wedding MC.

I reckon I have the best job in the world because I’m assisting bride and grooms on the most important day of their lives so far. I assist in creating the celebration of a lifetime for you.

Before the big night, it begins with us getting together to arrange the Event Runsheet. I then liaise with the venue’s Wedding Coordinator & ‘drive’ the night according to what we have planned; making sure the industry professionals you’ve hired like the photographer, videographer, band/DJ etc, do their job 100%. This way, it’s hassle-free for you both to enjoy every moment; whilst in the background, I’ve got the finger on the pulse making sure it’s an elegant – ‘party like’ atmosphere that’s memorable for years to come.

The high level of energy I’ve been delivering since the late 90s – before & during your celebration – hasn’t abated one bit; in fact, I am more excited than ever.
I’ve worked in the most prestigious locations – but it doesn’t matter where I land to MC your beautiful celebration, I instantly create a ‘team’ environment with the industry professionals; & your guests will feel the exclusivity of your night through my unique MCing style which is to get it right on the night.

I can genuinely MC your celebration throughout the night in 10 Languages – not just hello & good evening. So you see whether its full English or a mixed nationality wedding – I’m your one-stop-shop for the complete MC professional to make sure your celebration is a HUGE success!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the wedding industry has been very kind to me and I am grateful for the opportunity to add my entertaining style of audience involvement and organisation to such a special day.

I graduated into the role of the wedding MC from watching so many great and not-so great weddings as the head waiter looking after the bridal party. One night, I jumped on stage, and used the bands microphone to make some announcements. and I instinctively knew what to say and how to say it to motivate the crowd and get the party started. And Ive never looked back. Since then, I’ve been booked solid for past 10 years. and I am humbled to say, that some couples have actually changed the date of their weddings to accommodate my MC availability.

So I hope I am available for you. Check my calendar now & I look forward to creating memorable VIP moments that are perfectly run by me where the bride, groom & their families know that I have their every wish taken care of – whilst celebrating together with their guests. My name is Elvis from the MC Directory. Bye for now


  • Pete Miller, 9 Dec, 2018

    Elvis deserved to win 'MC of the Year' after so many years of putting his heart and soul into every wedding MC job. Congratulations.

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