Angela is a very elegant, super-organised Master of Ceremonies for your Chinese wedding reception. She speaks Mandarin and English fluently and can translate on the spot.

Hi there, my name is Angela, and I’m your Mandarin speaking Master of Ceremonies from the MC Directory

I’ve been working as a professional bilingual MC since 2008 and during that time, I’ve been able to assist so many couples to have a stress-free celebration of their love.

My aim is to help you plan your perfect wedding reception, and then, deliver that plan smoothly and seamlessly.

At the same time, I am aware that anything can happen – and always does. So I will carefully coordinate your guests, your entire bridal party, the function staff, the DJ and all the other crew members.

So, all you have to do is relax and have fun with your family and friends – so the wedding reception you’ve been thinking and planning about for a very long time will eventuate like a dream come true.

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You may ask so how do I do that? Well firstly, I like to meet up with you – the bride and groom – a few weeks before your wedding to help you draft an exciting wedding reception.

At that meeting, I explain the wedding reception traditions to you both, such as the order of the speeches, when to cut the wedding cake and the best time to perform the first dance together as husband and wife.

I listen to your needs and concerns, so that I can then tailor the runsheet to your preferences. One of the rewarding things about this job, is to see how different wedding traditions can be performed in a modern way, such as Tea Ceremony and interactive audience games.

On the wedding day, I always arrive early at the venue – so I can communicate with everyone to ensure we are all working from the same schedule.

Throughout the event, I will speak both English and Mandarin if needed/required, so everyone can understand what is going on. Finally, one of my special skills is to translate speeches on the spot.

Once, a groom wrote 2 pages of his speech in English, without giving me a copy first, and the last paragraph was actually a beautiful romantic poem. But thankfully I was able to interpret the words into Chinese so ALL the guests understood the meaning. The groom really appreciated the translation.

My name is Angela and I look forward to MCing your wedding reception with care, elegance and style.


  • Daniel Mitchel, 9 Dec, 2018

    Angela is a really good public speaker!

  • Pete Miller, 9 Dec, 2018

    MC Angela has vast experience and always remains calm and cool under any wedding reception circumstances. Congratulations for your extreme professionalism Angela.

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