Hi there. My name is Dynamic Daniel from the MC Directory. I am a professional wedding MC from Sydney fluent in Arabic. 

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your engagement and finding the love of your life. This is an amazing time for both of you and my job is make your wedding reception equally amazing.

I will meet with you beforehand to plan a perfect event, and help you design a wonderful occasion that beautifully represents your relationship.

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On the day, I will coordinate your guests, your bridal party and all the people who are there working for you – like the photographers and videographers, the function and catering staff, and the entertainers and DJ. You won’t have to worry about a single thing – except enjoying the love of your family and friends.

But my main focus is ensuring that everything we discussed gets done in a happy and fun way and that all the different parts are showcased with flair and care, and that your guests feel involved and part of the celebration.

I was raised in a family where we spoke Arabic and English fluently. But growing up in multilingual Sydney has allowed me to welcome your guests in Greek, Italian, Croatian, Filipino, Indian, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

Thank you for watching. My name is Daniel and and I look forward to meeting you soon.


  • Pete Miller, 8 Dec, 2018

    This is an excellent representation of your authentic caring personality. It is easy to imagine you at a wedding reception keeping all the guests enthralled and entertained. Well done Daniel.

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