the master of ceremonies is dead
The term ‘Event Host MC’ has higher perception of value

This year will be remembered for many improvements and upgrades to the MC scene. There have been changes that have pushed the industry forward, but the most significant has been the death of the old-fashioned term ‘Master of Ceremonies’ and ‘Master of Ceremony’.

This title’s use-by date is well and truly past. Modern professional MCs wanted a stronger, sexier moniker that accurately describes what they do.


History tells us that these formal titles originated inside the Catholic Church 400+ years ago when the gentleman was an official responsible for the correct and seamless running of the elaborate rituals involving the Pope.

Today’s wedding MCs can relate to the seamless running of the rituals part. But this is where it gets interesting.

The Grand Master of Ceremonies oversaw state ceremonies and court etiquette and private functions; celebrating or commemorating births, baptisms, marriages, and funerals for members of the royal family, royal feasts, ambassadorial receptions, the coronation, royal entries into towns, meetings of the States General and important assemblies.

This is exactly what a modern-day celebrant does.

Celebrants should be the ones using the term Master of Ceremonies – not the guy or girl up front with the microphone keeping all the guests organized and entertained using the power of their personality.

Actually, MCs should use the term Celebrant  – as they are in charge of the celebrations.

The more suitable and elegant solution is also non-gender specific. You will never hear the ladies refer to themselves as a Master of Ceremony; let alone a Mistress of Ceremony (we won’t go there …). I know that many female MCs are already using the replacement term Event Host MC and profiting from it.

The new term accurately represents what we do and puts a modern spin on it; immediately giving a higher perception of value.

Welcome the more relevant title of ‘Event Host MC‘.

This phrase will help separate genuine, experienced performers from the many wannabes at weddings and will help our clients to correctly identify us.

I first heard the term from my MC friends in the Philippines who have always referred to themselves as Event Hosts and never as a Master of Ceremonies.

the MC organizes the 'celebrations' and the celebrant organizes the 'ceremony'

Welcome to the new era. Long Live Event Host MC.

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