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Cue music – it’s The Final Countdown and there are just seven days left till you walk down the aisle. There are still many things to do in the week before your wedding: the final dress checks, the never-ending phone calls, the manis and pedis, the flooded email inbox, and the last-minute arrangements with suppliers, the DJ, and your event host.

Countless problems and misunderstandings are revealed in the days leading up to “I do.” Your sister thought your best friend was in charge of your bridal emergency kit, your florist can’t get gardenias and wants to use roses instead, and your photographer can’t make it due to “unforeseen circumstances.” And of course, it just so happens this is the most stressful week at work ever. Nightmare.

My advice? Make that busy-as-heck week before your wedding part of your ‘honeymoon’.

Taking a few days off work gives you plenty of time to ensure everything’s in place, be with loved ones, and relax before the big day. After all, it’s no secret that orchestrating one of the most important celebrations of your life can be stressful, especially when it’s down to the wire. Avoid Bridezilla explosions more easily by ensuring enough time during that week before your wedding.

It’s not all about planning and last-minute checks, anyway.

The happiest brides-to-be are relaxed and well-rested. It’s a great bonus to have that extra time to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, eat nourishing food, enjoy gentle exercise, and indulge in spa treatments.

The wedding day itself will go by in a big, happy whirlwind. You probably won’t manage to have all those face-to-face conversations with out-of-town relatives you were hoping for. You’ll feel much more lovingly supported on your special day knowing you’ve connected with people beforehand. And if you’ve got international guests arriving, it will always be in the week prior.

Every bride-to-be wants to avoid last-minute panic. Those who take a pre-wedding honeymoon tell me they arrive feeling perfectly relaxed, excited, and ready.

And a final tip: never let your wedding day shoes leave your feet in the week preceding to your wedding. New shoes need to be broken in. There’s nothing more distracting from the romance and splendour than painful rubbing when you’re walking down the aisle!

— Pete Miller, Event Host
from the MC Directory

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