the bride and groom friend should do a speech

The well-known wedding reception truism goes like this:

the MC will make or break your wedding reception*

There have been far too many ‘broken‘ (boring) wedding receptions because the MC was not professional. The MC was instead, a family friend, a relative attending the reception anyway, an in-house venue staff, or the DJ or band member. All wrong.

4 excuses why a bride uses an amateur to MC their wedding

  1. the friend offers to help
  2. to save cash
  3. the couple don’t know any professional MCs or how to hire one
  4. they think it will be more ‘personal’

These are all terrible reasons. For the sake of your wedding success and the memories that will linger on forever, here’s how to avoid a ‘broken’ wedding reception.

1 : the friend offers to help

A friend will anoint themselves to MC to showcase their new stand-up comedy routine and be recognized for the hilarious chap that they think they are. This has TITANIC written all over it.

It’s weird – but there is a belief out there that the wedding MC must tell dumb silly jokes.

These Wedding MC Joke books are sold by clever marketers telling newbie MCs they will have the guest rolling in the aisles if they make fun of marriage and portray the groom as a poor sod who didn’t know any better. WRONG on every level.

2: to save cash

Saving cash. Budgets are important – but spend your event dollars on things that will make a significant difference; such as the Event Host MC. From the start to finish, the MC is up front and in control of everything. 12 months after your wedding, your guests will not remember your table decorations, but they will recall what the MC was like. Good or bad.

3: the couple don’t know any professional MCs or how to hire one

Pro wedding MCs are hard to find or booked up for years ahead by venues for a cheap price. Enter the MC Directory.

4: they think it will be more ‘personal’

A guest with good public speaking skills makes a speech or a toast. Wedding MCing is about being organised and entertaining – at the same time. It has nothing to do with being personal. That’s for the speakers.

  • it’s a truism because it’s true.

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