Terms and Conditions for Clients and MCs hired via the MC DIRECTORY.

Clients hire our MCs as subcontractors to the MC Directory. The MCs organise their own tax and insurances.

The Deposit Paid to MCs

A paid deposit confirms your MC booking. It is non-refundable. The remaining amount is paid before the event.

Our Commitment and Guarantee of Attendance

Upon confirmation, he or she then becomes unavailable to be booked for any other functions on the day and at that time.

Full Payment Due

If for any reason you decide not to proceed with the MC and cancel the booking within 60 days of the scheduled event, the full (final) payment is due. An invoice will be sent and any remaining monies must be paid within 7 days. If payment is not made, the recovery of fees (including additional legal costs) will be pursued.

Event Date Changed

If your event date is changed or altered or adjusted for any reason, we will do our best to re-book the same MC, but this cannot be guaranteed. A substitute MC will be offered – see our replacement policy. The substitute MC may charge a different price.

Our Replacement Policy

We regret that sometimes events and circumstances beyond our control (e.g. a family death, etc) prevent the MC from attending or being available for your event. This is extremely rare. If unfortunately, the MC does become unavailable for any reason, a substitute MC will be offered. The security and peace of mind that you receive from booking your MC via the MC Directory is that we can instantly offer you a suitable replacement of equal quality.

Travel Costs

If the MC is required to travel outside of their specified location, all travel arrangements and costs such as flights and accommodation, transfers and taxis will be organised and paid for by the client before the event.

Thank You For Understanding

We understand that problems sometimes occur and plans need to be changed. On the other hand, our business will soon have its own problems if we do not implement these conditions. Thank you for understanding and we wish you every success with your event plans.

NB: These policies and procedures may change at any time and without notice.