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MC Angela

Location: Australia, Sydney

Fees: AUD $1,500.00 incl 0% GST

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Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese

MC Style: Elegant, Great Translation


Events: MC for BMW China Gala Dinner. MC for 3000 people Gala Dinner. MC for 800 people's wedding

Clients: The Sydney Opera House. Shangri-la Hotel. Quay Restaurant

MC Angela - Elegant, Engaging and Organised. Keeps an eye on everything happening at your wedding.

Bilingual wedding MC Angela’s instant translation skills are beyond compare. She translates on-the-spot between English and Mandarin.

Angela is intelligent, organised, spontaneous and caring. Her speaking style is clear and concise in both languages. She pays extraordinarily close attention to detail and the amount of preparation she does before each wedding is phenomenal – you can relax knowing that your wedding will be well organised and run smoothly from start to finish.

Trusted by hundreds of newlyweds for 15 years, Angela has emceed at most of the high-end and popular wedding venues in Sydney. She was even invited to host weddings in Gold Coast and Hamilton Island, and corporate functions in Melbourne. Both wedding and corporate clients have always complimented for her professionalism, perfect bilingual pronunciation and incredible instant translation skills.

Vivacious and charismatic Angela is the perfect professional MC for your wedding. She is one of our most popular wedding MCs and her calendar is almost always full. Contact her as soon as possible!

孙思玮,澳大利亚悉尼顶级资深中英文双语主持人。中英文发音标准,擅长同步翻译;主持风格端庄大方、机智幽默;工作态度认真负责、精益求精,拥有14年的婚礼和商务主持经验。自2009 年以来是悉尼主持各大商务庆典、联欢晚会、产品发布会及婚宴典礼等最炙手可热的金牌女主持。

Angela 曾在悉尼各大高端宴会场所主持过婚礼晚宴,也曾受邀去昆士兰州的Hamilton Island 和黄金海岸的范思哲酒店主持婚礼。无论是50人的小型温馨婚礼,还是800人的大型隆重婚礼,Angela 都精心准备,全心投入,做到热场、控场、绝不冷场。她不仅能临时无稿同步翻译致辞,还能灵活机智应对任何突发状况。所有的婚礼新人和商务客户都对Angela 的主持功力、双语能力、敬业程度、服务态度好评如潮,赞不绝口。

Event Feedback

  • Sophie Hsu, Curzon Hall 13 Nov, 2023

    Absolutely thrilled with our wedding MC Angela’s amazing and professional performance! Angela was also the MC for my brother’s wedding and she effortlessly navigated the entire reception, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and laughter. Her charisma and seamless transitions kept the celebration flowing smoothly. Our guests raved about the memorable experience and Angela’s wonderful spot on translation. Thank you once again for making our special day even more magical!

  • L & S, Centennial Park Homestead 5 Oct, 2023

    Angela, You Made Our Day Extra Special !

    I wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks for being the MC at our wedding. We're so glad we chose an MC who is bilingual because it meant so much to us to ensure that our Chinese-speaking guests, including our parents, felt included and part of the celebration.

    Your bilingual skills and your ability to connect with our guests in both languages truly made a significant difference and added a unique touch to our wedding.

    I also wanted to highlight your exceptional time management and communication with the site manager. From the very start, we were running late, and there was some catching up to do. However, your management of the situation was flawless. You helped everything run smoothly and ensured that our day remained on track.

    Your contributions to our wedding day were invaluable, Angela. You made our day extra special, and we are extremely grateful for your talent and professionalism.

    Thank you again for being a part of our celebration.

  • Yulian & Bendy, Oliveto Ristorante 3 Nov, 2019

    Hi Angela, I just wanted to say thank you SO much for helping us to create such a perfect wedding reception last night. Everything exceeded my expectations and Bendy and I both had such a great time. You created such a good atmosphere and our guests also had a good night.
    Thank you !!!

  • Eddie & Queenie, Oatland House 5 Jul, 2016

    On behalf of my wife Queenie and I would like to thank Angela for giving us such a magical evening. Our expectations on the big day was high to say the least and she had exceeded all our expectations. We had many speeches that needed translation and she has mastered every emotion and every intention. Our wedding reception was absolutely awesome in every way. Thank you so very much Angela.

  • Menal and Phil Degenhardt, The Marriott Hotel 8 May, 2016

    The contribution you made to our wedding justified our decision to hire a professional MC. You did a tremendous job. Your professional approach and image on the day made the reception flow smoothly and without a hitch. Your personality kept the guests entertained at all times. The cost of your services well and truly made the outlay worthwhile. It would not have been the same night without your input.

  • Lucy and Eric, Miramare Gardens Terry Hills 16 Apr, 2016

    Thank you very much Angela for doing such a great job last night at our wedding. Your speeches and translations were spot on and really managed to merge the two cultures. Also, thanks for directing the night and making it so smooth and well organised.

    A lot of people at the wedding commented on what a great job you did and also, how beautiful you looked. Some boys even commented to me that you were hot! Thanks again for all your efforts. I will be sure to recommend you if any of my friends need a MC!

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