MC Alfio


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MC Alfio

Location: Australia, Sydney

Fees: AUD $1,200.00 incl 0% GST


Languages: English, Italian

MC Style: Dynamic, energetic, engaging


Events: Pier One Sydney Harbour. Great Hall of USYD. Sergeants Mess

Clients: Four Seasons Hotel. Doltone House. Dockside Darling Harbour

MC Alfio - an experienced, engaging and energetic professional bilingual wedding MC

Alfio stands as a paragon of energy and engagement in the wedding industry, gracing the role of Master of Ceremonies with over 15 years of refined expertise.

Envision Alfio not merely as your Master of Ceremonies, but as an integral wedding organiser, seamlessly weaving the threads of your special day into a tapestry of unforgettable memories.

With a personal touch that is deeply rooted in his Italian heritage, Alfio cherishes the values of family and unity, infusing these principles into his approach. His commitment to work in harmony with couples is a testament to his passion for crafting a night that resonates with personal significance and joy.

Alfio’s discerning eye for detail, coupled with an unwavering dedication to realising the bride and groom’s vision, positions him as a diligent and thoughtful planner. His eloquence and spontaneity are matched by an innate ability to connect with and energise the audience, ensuring the event’s rhythm flows effortlessly.

This unique blend of attributes ensures that under Alfio’s guidance, your wedding celebration will unfold with elegance, excitement, and a sense of seamless progression. Alfio’s talents extend far beyond what you’d normally expect from an MC. He’s like a skilled conductor, bringing everything together for your wedding with a natural and thoughtful touch. He makes sure your big day is more than just a series of events; it becomes a beautifully coordinated celebration.

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