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MC Alex

Location: Australia, Sydney

Fees: AUD $700.00 incl 0% GST


Languages: English, Serbian

MC Style: Friendly, Elegant, Engaging


Events: MC for 500+ guests. MC for fundraisers & festivals. Guest speaker at various functions.

Clients: Bonnyrigg Sports Club. Doltone House. Paradiso Receptions

12 Ratings

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MC Alex - creates an exciting atmosphere and is known for his wit and attention to detail.

Alex is known as a big friendly giant and is among the leading Wedding MCs in the Serbian Community.

A well-established public speaker and fluent in Serbian, Alex has been a Wedding MC since 2014. He has also hosted weddings from other cultures, including Egyptian, Greek, Lebanese, Macedonian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Alex also has the ability to learn phrases in other languages, and has previously welcomed guests in Arabic, Macedonian, Russian and Spanish.

With a deep baritone voice, Alex can easily command the attention of all the guests and help create an enjoyable and relaxing ambience for the Bride and Groom from start to finish.

Approachable and organised, Alex enjoys working closely with couples in the lead up to and during the big day. He is experienced in wedding planning and can offer advice to couples by finalising their runsheet.

Alex is quick to develop a rapport with musicians, DJs and staff to ensure the night runs smoothly without any hassles.

It’s also Alex’s priority to make it a stress-free evening for the newlyweds, so they can make the most of their celebration with their loved ones.

If you want an MC who’s entertaining and committed to making your big night a memorable one, then Alex is your MC to lead the way.

Event Feedback


    Hi Alex!

    Thank you so much for being the MC at our wedding! We had such a blast and everything ran smoothly due to your attention to detail, professionalism and also your knowledge of what we wanted our night to be: intimate, fun and easy going, with a lot of dancing.

    We appreciate that you took the time to get to know us both before the big day as well as our backgrounds and families. We had nothing to worry about on the day as we knew you were there and we were able to enjoy every moment, we really can't thank you enough!

    Our friends and family had only good things to say about you and your delivery throughout the night. They loved that you partied with us and had some great conversations!

    You were a great addition to our big day and it was a pleasure to have you part of our celebrations.

    We hope to see you at many more weddings!

    Mica & Ricky


    Alex, words cannot express how grateful Martin and I are. You have exceeded the expectations by a million times! You stood by us, accommodated, dealt with changed dates, issues arising, and always kept us in check. Your professionalism is second to none. We couldn't have put our wedding together without your support and guidance. You took the time to get to know what we wanted and who we are. Your compassion and understanding really helped in making our wedding spectacular. You went above and beyond for us, and we will forever be grateful. Your kind-hearted nature made you approachable and easy to talk to. Your attention to detail ensured the night went to plan. You had the tough challenge of MCing our wedding bilingually and it went without a hiccup; your speaking was clear and you kept the crowd entertained! Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Marija and Martin


    Hi Alex!

    We hope you’re well! We have just been away and have come back feeling refreshed and full of gratitude after our big day.

    We want to thank you so much for being the MC at our wedding! We can’t thank you enough for your time, professionalism and attention to detail. You took the time to understand what would make our day and you made it happen! You’re a great speaker and super organised, which meant we could just truly leave it all to you, to look after us & our guests. Even if unexpected changes came up, you were on to it, so everything ran smoothly.

    Thank you again for everything!

    Wishing you the very best in the MC world and beyond!

    Best wishes,

    Kyra & Milan

  • Bijanka and Aleks Koneski, DOLTONE HOUSE 30 Jan, 2022

    A very big thank you to Alex ‘G-Mac’ Glumac for being a fantastic and easy to work with MC on our wedding day!

    In the lead up, Alex was professional and very pro-active in making sure that all bases were covered, to ensure that everything went as smooth as possible and that there was no stone unturned.

    On the day, you were a fantastic addition and it was a pleasure to have you part of our special day - you engaged the crowd and are a very entertaining individual that brought warmth and energy to the room! We received multiple comments regarding the MC during and after the wedding, all of which were positive.

    All in all, can’t go wrong. Recommended with 10 stars!

    Bijanka and Aleks Koneski


    We would love to thank Alex for MCing our special day! Alex did an outstanding job in ensuring out night was stress-free and above all, enjoyable.

    He kept us all entertained from start to finish – he even got the ball rolling by dancing and everyone followed suit! Alex is funny, entertaining and a true professional!

    Thanks to Alex, we had an incredible night with our family and friends, and a lot of great memories were made! – Chloe & Bojan Karan

  • Leksi and Luke, DOLTONE HOUSE (JONES BAY WHARF) 16 Jan, 2022

    Alex, we can't thank you enough for making our night amazing and seamless! You got all our guests involved and everyone loved you! We are so happy that you were able to share in our special night and we couldn't recommend you highly enough as an MC!!! Thank you once again!

  • Melissa and Zoran, PECA RESTAURANT 13 Jun, 2021

    “Most organised, understanding, thorough MC!”

    We enquired with other MCs who wanted us to give them the run sheet.
    We had our reception at a restaurant, so we were required to do our own as it was not provided like at other wedding venues.

    Alex made this easy and gave us a couple of different options to personalise for our special day.

    Think you have seen it all before? An MC is just an MC? Not in this case!
    Alex is personable and brought a unique element of entertainment to our evening.
    Personalised jokes, spent time with me and my husband getting to know our main speakers, liaised with our other wedding vendors too.

    Best in the business, we would highly recommend Alex to any other couple looking for top ranking, non-generic MC!!!!!!!!!

    On behalf of my husband Zoran and I, we would like to extend a big thank you to Alex for making our day run so smoothly.


  • Julia and John Marcus, GRAND ROYALE 22 May, 2021

    My wife and I would like to sincerely thank Alex Glumac for the amazing job he did as our Wedding MC. Alex is a true gentleman and talent. He is well organised, quick-witted and dynamic. Well recommended for any future MC events. Thank you Alex!


    Dear Alex,

    We have finally settled back into reality after a few weeks off. From the bottom of our hearts, Nikola and I would like to thank you for emceeing our big fat Serbian wedding. Thank you for the attention to detail and care you provided in the lead up to our big day, as well as on the night to ensure everything ran smoothly. The personalisation, the switching between two languages and the way you ran our wedding was great. We have nothing but compliments for you!

    Thanks again from the Lunics.

  • Natasha and Miroslav Kodor, PARADISO RECEPTIONS 31 JAN, 2021 31 Jan, 2021

    Dear Alex,

    Both Miroslav and myself would like to thank you for hosting our wedding. From day 1 and from the first meeting we had together, you were so professional and on the ball with every request we had.

    You constantly kept in touch with us and everything ran super smoothly with you. On the day of the wedding, there was not a single fault.

    You not only made sure that our wedding was hosted properly but you also acted as a person who kept everything under control by communicating with us throughout the night and also with our reception.

    We are forever thankful for your service and will highly recommend you to everyone!

    Thank you once again.

    Natasha and Miroslav Kodor


    As you already know, Jovan and I saw you MC at a friend's wedding 2 years ago and from that moment on we knew you had to be involved in ours (even though we weren't engaged at the time!). After celebrating our special day yesterday, Jovan and I would sincerely like to thank you for all the detail and emphasis you placed into planning our wedding. It was our absolute pleasure having you as our MC, your personal touches made everything that much more special. We couldn't of have asked for anything more!

  • Sanja and Wakim, THE GREAT HALL AT UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY 5 Oct, 2019

    Dearest Alex!

    Our life milestone would not have been possible without your attention to detail and amazing MC skills! With your skillset, I’m sure you will be a part of many more Happy Memories!

    Best wishes

    Sanja and Wakim

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